New IRIS+ service

Next Link are currently working with the University of Bristol as part of a new pilot, called IRIS+ to expand the role of support offered to patients through IRIS.

IRIS+ is a research study, part of the REPROVIDE Programme. By enhancing the IRIS support, it aims to increase the safety and wellbeing of all adult and children patients affected by domestic violence and abuse.

During this pilot we will be expanding our advocate educator service to patients who may be referred as male victims of abuse, or as perpetrators (male or female). We will also be including the children of those referred whether victim or perpetrator, male or female.

What we offer

  • Our specialist domestic violence advocate-educators train and support general practice clinicians to recognise domestic abuse and refer their patients to our service.

  • The IRIS+ workers offer emotional and practical support and if appropriate help to access a range of specialist services.

  • During the IRIS+ pilot this service will be available for all patients referred by their GP, whether a victim or perpetrator, male or female. We will also be working with the children of adults referred to the enhanced service.

Download the IRIS+ patient/client information card
Download the IRIS+ GP waiting room poster
Download the IRIS+ research leaflet for professionals
Download the briefing report on IRIS+ Phase I
Download our Service User Charter and Data Protection Statement

What is domestic violence?

Physical – Includes being hit, kicked or attacked

Sexual – Having to have sexual activity that makes you feel uncomfortable or fearful

Emotional – Being called names, put down, made to feel bad or threatened

Isolation – When someone controls who you see, what you do, how you look and when you go out

Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality or ethnicity