“For the first time in years I feel safe”
“The kids are laughing again”
“They helped me to take him to court”
“I have made friends for the first time in years”
Last week I moved into my new home

What to do in a crisis

If you need to leave in an emergency
Call us on: 0800 4700 280

At night there will be an answer phone but don’t worry, help is still available.

Contact the Police and they will help you get to a safe place and contact us in the morning.

If you need medical attention go to a Hospital Casualty Department.

If possible take with you your own front door key, any benefit books or proof of identity.

Do you want to stay in your own home?

We can help you stay in your home and keep the perpetrator away. We will also help make your home safe. Below are some examples of the support we offer.

• Someone to talk things over with regularly
• Form a safety plan
• Help you go to court to get legal protection
• Work with the police to keep you safe

Call us on: 0800 4700 280

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As well as domestic abuse support services we provide women's mental health support services and independent support for victims of rape and sexual abuse. Click below for links to our sister organisations: