Interventions/2 is a series of avant-garde films by artist and activist, Yoko Ono.
The films will play in rooms throughout the Georgian House in Bristol from 28 September to 31 December 2019.
Saturday to Tuesday 11am-4pm.

Yoko Ono is an artist whose thought-provoking work challenges people’s understanding of art and the world around them. From the beginning of her career, she was a Conceptualist whose work encompassed performance, instructions, film, music, and writing.

This special solo exhibition – featuring influential conceptual works – aims to open conversation about historical and contemporary issues.

Arising – is a more recent work addressing the abuse of women will also feature within the exhibition. It was first exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

Next Link and Safe Link are delighted to be collaborators with the curator, Bristol artist and composer, Jimmy Galvin and Bristol Museum in this work.

Survivors who have used our services have written about their experience of being abused and these commentaries will be on display as part of the Arising piece.
We will be available to anyone who visits the exhibition who wishes to talk about their own experiences and needs support. We have completed awareness training for the museum staff who will be on site.

“Art is one of the few authentic platforms that allows us to have difficult but necessary conversations,” says Jimmy Galvin “and this will be, in effect, a show within a show.”

Partnering with Next Link and Safe Link ( for this part of the show, Jimmy explains “…for me it’s the most powerful.”

There are dozens of testimonies from victims of sexual and violent abuse; each has been asked to supply a photo of their eyes, to be placed in rows in a particular room.

This work is aimed to empower victims to speak openly about their trauma and also know that help is at hand.

“As with all great art, it gives us permission to open dialogue and create a better understanding of ourselves and our city’s past, as well as its future. I believe it is the job of art to reach out to the wider communities and keep us all engaged. The show’s subtext is art as activism; everybody has a voice and if they are given a platform to be heard we can improve our communities.”

Yoko Ono sends her Arising poem to be included in our Arising piece.

Listen to your heart
Respect your intuition
Make your manifestation
There’s no limitation
Have courage
Have rage
We’re all together

Follow your heart
Use your intuition
Make your manifestation
There’s no confusion
Have courage
Have rage
We’re rising

Rising © 1994 Yoko Ono

The Georgian House Museum 7 Great George Street Bristol BS1 5RR
Open Sat-Tue 11am-4pm
28 Sept-31 Dec 2019
Free entry
Curated/Jimmy Galvin